April 21, 2008 at 9:57 pm (Personal Blog, School)

Hello gang. Going to keep it short today.

My friend Sabina complained that i didn’t write about her at all in my blog when i asked her to read it, so i’m gonna smear all about her today 😛


Sabina and i met at my work, the Malmö University Helpdesk. During the first weeks we help photograph and manufactur student id cards and some such, so we spent a lot of time talking, and became friends i guess. She likes Lost, and spent some time living her life in Hawaii, where i think her boyfriend is right now. Not to worry, they will soon be reunited at Sabina just finished her teachers education. Come to think of it, i don’t know what she’s going to teach. Or where she’s from. I’m a bad friend :((

I like her because i can really talk to her, at least in peson, and there’s very few people who you can genuinely talk to. Even if we talk about stuff i talk about often, she often has a different take on things. We don’t hang out all all tho, so i guess we are work coleques 🙂 Or whatever.

So that’s about it.



  1. Karl said,

    I was actaully looking for info on Sabine (Top Gear)… but stumbled upon Sabina… Wow, you are unbelievably beatiful… Wow… again… :-)…

  2. Karl said,


  3. Mr. P said,

    Hi. I was using Google hoping to find a picture of someone I once knew. However I stumbled upon this picture of Sabina, a Sabina I do not know. This girl is absolutely beautiful. Stunning. My jaw just dropped. Someone please make this girl a model, a moviestar…something!

    I don’t even care what this website is about. Please post another picture of the beautiful girl.



  4. Dimitris said,

    Hälsa henne från Dimitris. Minst sex år sedan jag träffade henne tror jag, lika vacker om inte vackrare. Vilken slump att hon dök upp mitt ingenstans…

  5. Manuel said,

    I was looking for a picture of the spanish singer Joaquin Sabina and find this cute girl smiling as if she doesn´t know how cute she actually is… so please, owner of this blog… tell her how lucky is her boyfriend… and tell her that she has a lover in Dominican Republic watching her so fine picture….

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