January 27, 2009 at 9:00 pm (Uncategorized)

School started today for real. My first assignment is to digitalize a bag design. Most students have designed their own bags in their previous year, but since i just joined i got to pick a bag i would like to digitalize. I picked one based on what i would like to learn, but also one that i think i can improve on. Don’t have a pic of it, but i’m going to show you the final product 🙂 Here’s a bit of the artwork so far:

A piece of art created for a school project, original concept artists name unknown.

A piece of art created for a school project, original concept artists name unknown.

I’m not doing the Graphical Design program full time. I’m going to pick away some courses i’m not so interested in, like history, and do my own projects in the meantime. Which would be the GVC (GGVC?) web site ^^ Looking forward to that.



  1. Andrzej said,

    Howdy Mate!

    Nice to see you return to blogging on here – must say I love it as all posts show up nicely on my google reader – really hated it when you abandoned this blog TBH …

    Anyway – wish you the best in South Africa – make sure to show us around the university a bit more – you may not be Mr Camera Conjurer, as you put it – but still … give us teh pix!

    Also – you study Graphic design now ? What happened to interaction design? Finished a course or sth ?

    BTW – got a DS Lite sometime ago – and am really loving it! Most fun I had gaming since a LOONG time … great little platform, and it is a temptation to think about developing some homebrew on this cute lil fella… Anyway once you set up your wifi with your DS drop me a line – we can play some Mario Kart or sth (that is if you have your handheld with you)

    The more I look at this console, the more I think that gaming experience should go cross-platform. And not in the way we have it now – like NFS Undercover getting ported around on everything from PC to mobile phones and toasters, but in the way that completes the experience of the “big” game – with what you can have on a DS … Sony actully seemed to get it right with PS3 and PSP – liked how you can “infect” your PSP with new content after connecting it to the PS3…

    OK gonna stop typing now.

    peace, bro !

  2. Quasi Mortuus said,

    That sounds really nice, I’ll be working and getting access to a domain for us…

    Have fun 😉

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