Bag and Shoe of happiness

January 31, 2009 at 1:33 pm (Personal Blog, School, When in South Africa)

So the first week of school is over. My class is nice, they’ve accepted me after the first day. I still haven’t got any contacts tho, so this weekend will be spent alone, again. But i get a feeling this is the last time.

I desperately need a means of transport to become more independent. I was hoping to get a scooter this weekend, but the guy i’m buying from seems to be away just this weekend so i will most likely get on on monday, i hope. Otherwise there is a girl in class who is selling her old one, but the resell value on that one isn’t as high, so i aiming for the other one. It’s a Yamaha BWS 100. The BWS stands for Big Wheel Scooter, which apparently makes it an off road scooter. Ever heard of anything like that? 100 stands for 100cc, which is the size of the engine, but even despite that Johan assures me it’s the best possible scooter to get, and since i don’t know squat about those and i can’t get a vespa, i’ll trust him.

The first week of school was pretty intense. I worked from 9 to 20 every day, and was done by Thursday afternoon with only printing left for friday. Unfortunately everything took a lot more time as usual, and i help out Suzanna with her project a bit too, so i ended up at home around 15, just before the heavy traffic hit. I really need my own transport.

The result of my first week at CPUT and a small miniature showing the backside.

The result of my first week at CPUT and a small miniature showing the backside.

In other news, my favourite sneakers broke. It’s a pair i bought when i was last in Vienna, since i couldn’t find a pair i like at home. I exchanged the shoelaces from the original black ones to red before i came here, so its a very personal pair of sneakers to me. All the more annoying that they broke.

Original Shoe

But, very unusually for me i decided to fix them myself. This course of action is probably inspired by the book Bohemian Manifesto which i am (still) reading. I could have given them to a shoemaker for repairs, or even worse thrown them out and gotten and new pair. But they weren’t all that badly broken, all that happened was that one seam broke on the outer side of the shoe, so it wasn’t really a hole, just a minor cosmetically rip.

With some determination i took a sewers kit and a red thread, and i sow up the rip myself. I’m actually pretty proud of myself. The new seam is very visible, and adds another nuance of red to the shoe, and a whole lot of personality. It feels incredibly good to do something practical with your hands, without any prior knowledge or training or help.

The new seam in my shoes

The new seam in my shoes

It’s incredible how good a rip in your shoe can make you feel.

PS. sorry for the crappy quality of the pictures recently, i’ve been using my new camera -.-



  1. Konrad said,

    Poor little shoe!!! See we should have bought two of them 😉 or at least three knowing that they would turn in to your favourites ones. 😦
    A scooter cool!!! 100 cc thats cool we need a freaking bike drivers license for it or at least a drivers licence with additional bike training. I think every Scooter drivers dream is a Vespa…..or a Lambretta…………………………anyway!
    Where did you get that Ryu picture from did you just digitalize it from some artist and colour it or ???

    greeeetings earthlings !

  2. Sebi said,

    Wow, this is quite impressive! You have good reasons to feel proud about this one 😉

  3. Uli said,

    I think it looks even better with the red thread!

    • cousken said,

      Thank you, i thought so too 😀 I hope i will be uploading drawing i made this week soon, i would appriciate some advice.

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