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Hi all This week we had a photography class in school, and you can see some of the pictures i liked at the end of this post. Those pictures aren’t the ones i’ve submitted, as the task was to photograph specific subjects in specific, premeditated ways, which proved to be very hard for me as i come from a street photography background. But thanks to that, i earned a lot.

In other news, i finaly got a scooter 🙂 It’s a Vuka, believe that’s a local brand. I don’t have a picture of it, but i will. To be honest, i don’t like the way it looks at all but it gets me places and it was cheap. It’s still a bit scary to be out in the traffic on it, but i’m getting used to it very rapidly.

When i get back home i think i will set getting a yellow Vespa as one of my goals in life. But first i need to check out the traffic laws, as in what kind of vehicle does the Vespa count as, do i need a special licence for it, can it be taken on the highway and so on and so fort. If anyone knows, i would really appreciate a little comment here with some info, so i at least know where to start looking.

The day before yesterday was also the first time i attended a CouchSurfing meet. I loved it a lot, the people were wonderful and i got a couple of new contacts, even to a pair living just across the street from me! I can literally see their windows from my balcony. How cool is that. Also a girl called Mandy, with the cutest facial expressions, asked for the address to my blog so she can check out my projects 🙂 Unfortunately, after a couple of drinks my face problems started acting up again , but i hope ppl didn’t mind. I really need to do something about that…

Anyway, here come the pics.

Tall Metropolitan Building

Jellies in the grass


Mountain cloud

Stop, sit, roll, relax



A corn

Back to the roots


Sweet composition

Skewed Metropolitan Building

Ps. I tried changing the way this blog shows my pictures… what do you think?



  1. Cilia said,

    Really nice pics. I wish I had a pro camera like yours, so I could learn to take pretty pics as well :3
    Think my fav is the bowl of candy (?).

  2. Matt said,

    Hey Adam,

    Nice pics, I like them. Especially the bowl of candy on the chair. I believe that you do not need a special license to drive a scooter in Sweden. I checked with Sandra and she doens’t believe so either.

    Have fun, send some sun our way – Matt

  3. Jocke said,

    Most vespa’s have 125cc engines that count as “Lätt MC”. For a Lätt MC-license you could get away with about 1500kr for just the theory and driving exams. But it tends to land on about 4-7k in total costs. You are allowed to go on highways with theese puppies.

    Another alternative is a 50cc Vespa within “EU-Moped” standards,on which you are only allowed on regular streets and “landsvägar” up to 70km/h. Theese bikes require only a three day cheap ass course =)

    Of course you could go for the big money “tungt mc-kort” which allows you to ride almost anything on two wheels.Costs a fortune and oh, good luck with not killing yourself !

  4. Ahrens said,

    When you get the Vespa back home, you must drive around and say “Ciao!”. XD

  5. Ahrens said,

    Very nice pictures also! =)

  6. cousken said,

    Haha thanks Jocke, that explains everything 🙂

    I will most likely go for a Lätt-MC licence since i want a vespa and i don’t care about anything else…. And i need to be able to go on a highway coz my parents are moving to Velinge (SIGtuna). I guess it’ll be a working summer for me 🙂 Where did you go to work in Norway? 😀 I will need the money for the bike as well 😛

  7. cousken said,

    Matt – I shall dance the ritual dance of sun chaneling.

  8. Konrad said,

    Yes yes …who doesn’t want to have a vespa 😉 (or better LAMBRETTA!!!! 😉 )

    If you guys (boys and girls) are interested how it is over here in austria:

    so……..Scooters with up to 50 cc (wich maybe goes max 70 or so depends on wich model etc. )have this small red license plate,it’s not allowed to drive more than 45 km/h with those (they got this plate in it so it doesn’t go further than 45. But there is this one oldshool trick just go with your mc donalds fatty friend in the back up on some hill and the plate burns out 😉 (if you put it out and the police catches you its shit but if it is like this you didn’t knew aight? ;))
    and to drive them you need a moped driving license wich is like 80 bucks (euro bucks) and its really easy to get it don’t know how many lessons but yeah its not that much!
    the 50cc vespas are called small frame……as the name says they are quite small….different brands got also vespa copies wich are bigger and still have the 50cc engine like aprillia ( i think) but yeah it is better to get a bigger vespa
    like the 125cc ones! this are the classic ones …for them you need in austria a motorcycle licence or a car driving licence with some additional shit but nothing big
    If you want bigger ones like the gran turismo vespas (i think 200 or even 250 cc) you need a motorcycle licence for i think one or 2 years don’t know it for sure…..

    so what else…..Your pics are getting better and better really cool stuff!!!!!!!!

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