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Hi all This week we had a photography class in school, and you can see some of the pictures i liked at the end of this post. Those pictures aren’t the ones i’ve submitted, as the task was to photograph specific subjects in specific, premeditated ways, which proved to be very hard for me as i come from a street photography background. But thanks to that, i earned a lot.

In other news, i finaly got a scooter 🙂 It’s a Vuka, believe that’s a local brand. I don’t have a picture of it, but i will. To be honest, i don’t like the way it looks at all but it gets me places and it was cheap. It’s still a bit scary to be out in the traffic on it, but i’m getting used to it very rapidly.

When i get back home i think i will set getting a yellow Vespa as one of my goals in life. But first i need to check out the traffic laws, as in what kind of vehicle does the Vespa count as, do i need a special licence for it, can it be taken on the highway and so on and so fort. If anyone knows, i would really appreciate a little comment here with some info, so i at least know where to start looking.

The day before yesterday was also the first time i attended a CouchSurfing meet. I loved it a lot, the people were wonderful and i got a couple of new contacts, even to a pair living just across the street from me! I can literally see their windows from my balcony. How cool is that. Also a girl called Mandy, with the cutest facial expressions, asked for the address to my blog so she can check out my projects 🙂 Unfortunately, after a couple of drinks my face problems started acting up again , but i hope ppl didn’t mind. I really need to do something about that…

Anyway, here come the pics.

Tall Metropolitan Building

Jellies in the grass


Mountain cloud

Stop, sit, roll, relax



A corn

Back to the roots


Sweet composition

Skewed Metropolitan Building

Ps. I tried changing the way this blog shows my pictures… what do you think?


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My Own Graphic

February 9, 2009 at 6:23 pm (Design, School, When in South Africa) (, , , )

So this time i’m inviting you to view some of my original work.

This is part of the result of last weeks project. The task was to go to a place, and in five drawing capture the essence of that place and the emotions that it creates in you. Then, make 5 drawings using opposite techniques. I’m only showing you the pictures i’m somewhat proud of, and none of the opposites.

The inside of the little booklet i made, showing both of the Free Thought image version.

The inside of the little booklet i made, showing both of the Free Thought image version.

The cover and binding i used to put the booklet together. Yes, it's a six pack of Heineken.

The cover and binding i used to put the booklet together. Yes, it's a six pack of Heineken.

) I'm quite content how it turned out.

My first ever image in colour, not counting what i did in kindergarten as a kid 🙂 I'm quite content how it turned out.

A drawing i inverted and imposed on a photograph of a pool table.

A drawing i inverted and imposed on a photograph of a pool table.

It's a precise version of the shack logo.

It's a precise version of the shack logo.

An image i drew using a ligh board, then cut out and pasted on a pamplet i found at the place... the little table there was first drawn and then edited in photoshop.

An image i drew using a ligh board, then cut out and pasted on a pamplet i found at the place... the little table there was first drawn and then edited in photoshop.

I’m quite tired now after a long day, so that’s all for now.

But please leave comments and motivations to do more work/posts 🙂 Hope you enjoyed it.

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Living away from home

January 24, 2009 at 2:04 pm (Design, Personal Blog, School, When in South Africa) (, , , )


So things have been happening at the University. Next week is the first week of school for normal South African students. The first years have an orientation week, but everyone else just continues their education as normal. Not sure how this is going to work out for me, as it’s becoming more and more obvious that the university here hasn’t really got a plan for receiving Masters students. So people are unsure how it is supposed to work and preferably it would be nice if someone else took care of that problem for them. I’ll be there Monday morning, but i ‘m still not sure what will happen. I would love to do my own projects, got at least 2 proposals.

This is a picture specialy for Ahrens. Check description.

This is a picture specialy for Ahrens. Check description.

I have started moving my blog to my private domain. You can look at its start here, but it’s just an empty page now. Depending on what happens in school, i will be working on creating my own CSS and some custom features. I hope it’s easier than i think it is, but understanding someone else’s code is never simple. My goal is to have a couple custom made CSS you can choose from and exploring the blog in terms of usability.

Since i moved here, the cultural differences have been creeping up on me slowly. I really love how the generally mentality of the people is. They are all really friendly and eager to meet a new face. One major difference i’ve noticed is eating at home. Not many people do it. There’s no point. It takes time and effort, and is likely to be more expensive than eating out. So very few people cook at home, and they do it mostly for pleasure. It made me realize, the the way of life i had been taught at home, doesn’t have to apply. ‘The proper way’ of doing things is just a way i’ve been taught because of local reason, cultural or habitual. Interesting.

If you peel all of that away from me, i wonder what would be left?


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Semi Success

August 10, 2008 at 11:35 am (Design, Personal Blog, When In Poland)

Ok, i realize now that adding a RSS feed to my blog is in fact very easy and having had difficulty with it for so long is slightly embarrassing. I was not aware of the existence of widgets at all you see 🙂 Never the less i have managed to add a RSS feed from my GiantBomb account, but it’s a a semi success only. I wanted to add a feed of all my activities from that site, but unfortunately it seems to be broken right now. So i have to be content with adding the feed from my blog there.

Other then that I’ve spent all too much time at home this weekend. I didn’t feel like going out on Friday so i guess i’ll have to sit and wait until the next occasion arises, which is kindof boring. I’m using my extra time on thinking about how to make my portfolio, as it is indeed about time 😉 I’ve also spruced up this page a little bit, adding things like recent comments and stats to my sidebar. I’m thinking about exchanging the layout, but we will see.

Hear from me soon ^^

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Day or Relevation

April 23, 2008 at 8:36 pm (Design, Personal Blog, School)

Do you ever have one of those moments, when something becomes crystal clear, and you literally feel like you have gained some deeper level of understanding.

Me and Cia were having a meeting with our adviser today, and afterwards we started discussing how the project went, what conclusion from it we can draw and so on… And we did a really good job, a brilliant job. We both felt like we missed doing this, what we are supposed to do. Design. Let the creativity flow. I’m not saying we shouldn’t have sat in that cellar and tried our best our game, but it was today that we have received satisfaction from it, being able to sit down, analyze and discuss that time.

We also looked back on what we did back in our first year, who we were. We’re so drastically different people. Dear gods would the project have been a complete and utter failure if we attempted in during our first year… And now not only have we’ve managed some degree of sauces, but also managed something beyond our expectations – To give the game that something special, that spark that makes it fun.

Reminiscing made me realize what our school does to you, how it works. It does make you remember lots of methods and doctrines, and give you practical experience and support to grow… but that’s not the main thing. It changes you as a person, makes you develop, grow, become someone. I can, with being honest to myself and understanding what it means, stand tall and proud and say that I’ve become a designer. Quite a good one, now, too.

Besides the epicness 😛 It was nice to sit at school a bit, and see the people, and have one of those moments when it feel that what you are doing feels absolutely right, and make a lot of notes that will lead us thru the darkness of final paper writing…

I think I’ll end this post. I could, as all ways , write more, but i think the point is made. I’ll keep the rest for later ^^

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It’s been a while

January 31, 2008 at 11:01 pm (Computer Games, Design, Personal Blog, School)

Hi everyone!

It has been a while since i wrote anything, because i’m actually very busy IRL, and when i get a free moment, i don’t really think about updating my blog. Well right now i feel the need to ventilate, and that’s when my blog feels handy.

If you are wondering what i’m so busy with, well… 4 main things and one side thing. The biggest of them all is my Bachelors Project, the so called ‘examens arbete’. That takes about 10 hours of my time every week day, or less. I am working with Cia on a community developed digital game, which we hope will adress the problems that we think exist with todays playtesting session in mainstream game development companies. My personal interest in the project, which we have to have and it has to be different from the main problem of the project, is making decisions in a community driven design. We acctualy have a pretty good site, blog, and forum up for the project, but i can’t link to them yet as we haven’t ‘gone official’ with it. I will as soon as we have, which i hope is soon.

The next big thing is continueing my Digital Storytelling final project, which is the Pappas Orgel… It’s a musical instrument that alows you to play samples of music and videos in a very simple way… It’s not so impressive when i describe it, but it’s been a big hit at the locals clubs and with the people we’ve talked to… there will probably be a very good site about it up on the net in the comming months, or at least a Flash game that lets you play on it, so i won’t go into the details. I presented it today together with it’s main creator, Tobias Lilja, to a group of reserachers. All of them loved it, and amongs them was Pelle Ehn, one of the fathers to participatory design… i’m so…. i just lack to word to descirbe how i feel by impressing such a great man. Most of the credit goes to Tobias, tho ^^

The third big thing is hardly worthy mentioning, it’s simply my job. That’s the place i go to to make money. It’s acctualy very boring , but the pay is good, and i can work whenever i want to, so it’s okay… It takes time tho. I… really can’t come up with anything more to say about it.

The 4th but none the less importan thing is Beeing Myself. It’s what Swedish people call having some time for yourself to relax and enjoy life. Because when you are running around working, you seldom have the time to appriciate life. So i take some time every day to see something nice, do someting fun, or go somplace interesting, or just… be myself, do whatever i feel like. Right now i have very little time for beeing myself, but i don’t mind as i have had a lot of time to do that before. It feels nice to be productive.

The side thing is a roleplaying game i’m going to be the Story Teller for. Story Teller is the World of Darkness name for a DM, Dungeon Master. I can’t say all that much about it, because i don’t want to spoil it for the players. It will be a colaborative effort with my friend Michael Eringsmark, and we will really put a lot of effort into it. I have led some very good campains before, so i have very big expectations of myself on this one, i want it to be my best, and perhaps, final roleplay… Anyway, it will be set in a post apocaliptical world, with much inspiration taken from polish books, ‘Where once sang a bird’ by Kate Wilhelm, and Fallout games. The players will be Vault dwellers, if you know what i mean.

And that’s the reasons i haven’t been feeling like updating untill now. The reason i felt like doing it, is because… I was feeling very happy, and i realized i don’t have anyone to share it with. Of course, that’s not true, but at the point i thought about it, everyone i could talk to was either asleep or unavailible in some other way. I’ve pushed so many people away, and so many people scared me away, it’s not fun to think of that at all… I really have to rething my social strategy… I wonder if i’m still a nice guy at all? There’s so many factors that could affect it….. *mumbles* 6 months *mumbles*

Well… that’s…. a bit of what i want to say 😛 For now, it’s too much anyway. I hope anyone acctualy is interested enough in this to read it. See you next time ^^

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