Living away from home

January 24, 2009 at 2:04 pm (Design, Personal Blog, School, When in South Africa) (, , , )


So things have been happening at the University. Next week is the first week of school for normal South African students. The first years have an orientation week, but everyone else just continues their education as normal. Not sure how this is going to work out for me, as it’s becoming more and more obvious that the university here hasn’t really got a plan for receiving Masters students. So people are unsure how it is supposed to work and preferably it would be nice if someone else took care of that problem for them. I’ll be there Monday morning, but i ‘m still not sure what will happen. I would love to do my own projects, got at least 2 proposals.

This is a picture specialy for Ahrens. Check description.

This is a picture specialy for Ahrens. Check description.

I have started moving my blog to my private domain. You can look at its start here, but it’s just an empty page now. Depending on what happens in school, i will be working on creating my own CSS and some custom features. I hope it’s easier than i think it is, but understanding someone else’s code is never simple. My goal is to have a couple custom made CSS you can choose from and exploring the blog in terms of usability.

Since i moved here, the cultural differences have been creeping up on me slowly. I really love how the generally mentality of the people is. They are all really friendly and eager to meet a new face. One major difference i’ve noticed is eating at home. Not many people do it. There’s no point. It takes time and effort, and is likely to be more expensive than eating out. So very few people cook at home, and they do it mostly for pleasure. It made me realize, the the way of life i had been taught at home, doesn’t have to apply. ‘The proper way’ of doing things is just a way i’ve been taught because of local reason, cultural or habitual. Interesting.

If you peel all of that away from me, i wonder what would be left?



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